My Wine Adventure

My adventure with wines did not really begin until 1998 or so. We were invited to a wine evening/dinner put on by a Canadian couple we met in Singapore. They were members of the International Wine & Food Society of Singapore (IWFS) and they put on an excellent dinner with wine pairings, of course.

I do not remember the main dish exactly, although I am certain that it was a beef dish of some description, but I certainly remember the wine. It was a well aged Bordeaux wine from the appelation of St. Estephe called Cos D'Estournel. The wine was sublime and the pairing with the beef dish only made it even better.

Needless to say, I was hooked.

Wine Reviews

This is an extensive list of wine reviews that I have written throughout the years.

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Daily Drops

This is a small list of everyday, unpretentious wines that we drink on a regular basis.

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Favourite Wines

This is a list of my all-time favourite wines, or wines that are special to our family.

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Wine Evenings

This section describes a variety of noteworthy wine gatherings over the years.

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Favourite Wineries

This lists some of my favourite wineries that we have visited throughout the years.

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Wine Bucket List

This section lists the top wines that I would like to taste before kicking the bucket.

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